Level up your draft progam.

Reduce your employee workload & increase your draft program's profitability.

Draft Beer Inventory Data From BrewLogix®

Unlock your draft program's true profit potential.

  • Real-time management and tracking of kegged inventory

  • On deck keg planning and work flow automation

  • On tap product performance metrics (like throughput, depletion rates, pours remaining, kick dates…)

  • Automated access to brewery-sourced product knowledge


How does The Performance Platform help me?

If you serve draft beer, kombucha, coffee, etc, we created the Performance Platform for you. We focus on leveling up your draft system to get to its maximum profit potential. We do this by gathering real-time data from your kegs and converting it into digestible & actional insights that lead to profitable decisions.


Discover Trends To Improve Your Business

Track Draft Performance Indicators™ over time to improve your processes and create efficiencies in your business.


Automated On Deck Planning

Create a single source of truth for your on deck plan that automatically updates when your kegs change.


Save your time and decrease chaos

Streamlined data and insights let you do hours worth of work in seconds. Be empowered to make great decisions with time to spare. 

How It Works.


Our non-invasive technology never touches your brews, ensuring your customer gets the freshest, highest quality draft experience.

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Improve your customer experience and bottom line. 


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