Never Run Out

Never Run Out

    We’ve all experienced it. You’re out for an evening with friends at your favorite spot. You’ve been looking forward to the great draft brew you tasted last week only to hear, “We’re out of that.” Ugh. Admittedly, this is my pet peeve!

    When brewed products “run out” nobody wins. The brewer misses out, the distributor may have lost a tap handle, the retailer may have replaced a top performer with an under-performer… and clearly, this guy is left with a bad taste in his mouth.

    BrewLogix customers who effectively utilize our keg knowledge create the opportunity to “never run out”.  Our patented sensors fit underneath kegs and provide accurate keg levels, depletion rates, and projected kick dates – so you can better plan the upcoming lineup, manage on-hand inventory and never run out of your most popular brews (because the sensors are tracking those too!).

    On behalf of brew lovers everywhere…talk with BrewLogix today so together we can put an end to “running out”! 

    Author: Josh Pastrick