The Ultimate Guide to Small Brewery Sunday

The Ultimate Guide to Small Brewery Sunday

    There’s a new holiday in town adding to the marathon lineup of Thanksgiving weekend festivities. This year, the Brewers Association (BA) has announced that Sunday, December 1 will mark the inaugural Small Brewery Sunday, a day dedicated to the nation’s more than 7,500 craft breweries, and a chance to toast over a delicious craft beer or two before the weekend comes to a close.

    seal-logo-19What defines a craft brewery? 

    In 2017, the BA launched a seal to designate a brewery as craft. To qualify for this seal, breweries must meet the BA’s definition of a craft brewery: a small (annual production), independent (ownership) brewer (TTB Brewer’s Notice). Consumers can simply look for the special seal to know they’re supporting a local brewery that does more than just brew beer. 

    Giving Back

    In fact, while Small Brewery Sunday is designed to drive craft sales, the holiday also aims to drive awareness for the many ways independent brewers contribute beyond brewing delicious beer. 

    “When beer lovers visit a craft brewery, and buy their beer at a store or restaurant, they are supporting both an amazing sensory beverage and a small business who contributes to their local communities," BA craft beer program director Julia Herz. 

    Indianapolis’ very own Metazoa Brewing Co. is just one of many breweries nationwide that contributed an estimated total of $92.6 million in 2018 to charitable organizations. “Something that's also in line with the spirit of the holidays,” Herz said.

    Getting Involved

    With the whole country ramping up to dedicate an entire day to craft breweries nationwide, there are plenty of ways to get involved to support the craft beer industry and drive sales for your establishment. Customers will be seeking craft beer options on Sunday, December 1, so, make sure you’re prepped to take advantage of this new holiday.

    Promote Your Local Lineup

    If you have non-craft beer on the menu, let your craft options shine on December 1. Knowing that beer drinkers will be looking to drink local, check your tapped inventory levels to be sure you’re stocked with the right on-draught beer to seize the day. Consider offering a promotion for beer from local, independent breweries to drive sales and get in on the festivities.

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    Market on Social Media 

    The BA encourages breweries, taprooms, bars and restaurants nationwide to create their own marketing plans to promote Small Brewery Sunday. They’re making it very easy to promote the event by providing access to their suite of creative marketing assets that could be shared on social media or a website. Get posting and use hashtags like #seektheseal and #smallbrewerysunday to take part in the national conversation.


    Get Staff On Board

    Your customer-facing staff will be one of your biggest drivers in helping suggest craft beer options to customers on Small Brewery Sunday. Get your team on-board by educating them on what the holiday is about, why it matters, and what on-draught product they should help promote. With more than 7,500 craft breweries in the US, even the most knowledgeable craft beer drinker can learn, or at least try, something new next Sunday. Your staff has the opportunity to broaden horizons and make the sale.

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    Get Listed

    If you’re a craft brewer, make sure you’re doing all you can to promote your product using the resources available to you. BreweryDB is the world's most complete, curated database for the beer industry and provides brewers with the opportunity to educate the market about your beers’ consumers about their beers' styles, flavor profiles, key product attributes, as well as availability, organic status, ingredients and whether it is made locally or not. BreweryDB supplies the BA directly with brewery information like name, address, and logo informationlogos for their very own Brewery locator, so, if your craft brewery is not uploaded to BreweryDB, be sure to change that now!

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    Why Small Brewery Sunday?

    Celebrating this new holiday may not be at the top of your to-do list during this busy time of year, but keep in mind that your customers care where their money goes. As Herz explains, “every dollar a beer lover spends at a craft brewery and buying their craft beer at stores and restaurants, fuels a small business and supports the economic health of its local community.” Get on the same page as your community by supporting and participating in what your customers are passionate about.  

    Author: Brewlogix Team