Equipping Your Team

Equipping Your Team

    When I go out for a beer, nothing is more valuable than a bartender who knows their menu. If my bartender knows the lineup inside and out, they can usually make a spot-on recommendation just by asking me a few simple questions. Even as a self-proclaimed beer nerd who knows a lot about beer, the landscape of craft beer is crowded and there are many brands I’ve never heard of. When I ask, “What should I try?” the bartender’s product knowledge influences whether I sit down and have a few pints or grab one beer and leave.

    As a retailer or tap room using iKeg by BrewLogix, you immediately have an advantage when it comes to educating your bartenders and waitstaff on your lineup. iKeg integrates with BreweryDB, the most complete beer database in the world. For every beer on tap, you immediately get information on who made the beer, where it was made, stats about the beer (ABV, IBUs, SRM, calories), a description provided by the brewer, and even ingredients that are in the beer. All this information is available right in the iKeg app and ready for your staff whenever they need it.

    Educating your staff on your lineup has never been easier. Whether it’s going over newly tapped beers at staff meetings, or accessing information in real time from the iKeg app, be confident that the next time a customer asks your bartender “What should I try?”, they can answer with valuable information that makes the customer order another round.

    Author: Brewlogix Team