Raise the bar for your draft program.

  • Reduce time taking draft beer inventory by 99% with +99% accuracy

  • Cut draft waste by up to 20%

    Increase ticket sales by up to 15%

  • Get results immediately with plug-and-play installation 

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See how Stephanie raised the bar for her draft program with the Performance Platform!


Stephanie Middleton, Beverage Manager, Bally's Casino 

Fed up tolerating chaos in your draft program?

Forward-thinking on-premise owners and managers are breaking away from old patterns and discovering profit-building solutions to their challenges with the Performance Platform.


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Real-time management and tracking of draft beer inventory

  • BrewLogix’ world-class database lets customers accurately receive-in inventory within seconds.

  • Integrated location, product, cost, and depletion data automatically travels with each keg throughout its life cycle and illuminates inventory statuses at all times.

On deck draft beer planning and workflow automation

  • First-of-its-kind, on deck planner gives you full visibility to all taps, coolers, kegs and product attributes to create an optimal lineup.

  • As staff follow the on deck plan, critical “next up” information (including product/keg info, cooler, coupler, etc.) automates through a visual on deck map, increasing accuracy while reducing chaos.

On tap product performance metrics

  • Ounce-by-ounce performance data gives you practical tools to hit freshness and throughput goals, anticipate kick dates, predict high and low demand periods, evaluate pours remaining, and raise the financial performance of the draft program.

  • Visual depictions of on tap product performance gets the right information to the right people at the right time for the best possible results.

Equip your staff to sell more

Staff get real-time access to on tap and on deck product knowledge, increasing staff performance, the customer experience, and sales receipts.


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